Cardio for Weight Loss Easy Exercises to Burn Fat

Cardio for Weight Loss  Easy Exercises to Burn Fat

Cardio for Weight Loss - Easy Exercises to Burn Fat


It indicates that your breathing process needs a boost and maybe need to shed some fat, then cardio is the best bet. Patience and perseverance can get you there. Only you have to get up early or find a little time every day which you can devote to your well-being. Start with walking to your office, or riding a bicycle, if possible. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Bring in small changes and see the compound effect it leaves on your body. To top it, you can follow a diet plan.

How Does Cardio Help You Lose Weight?

Calorie deficit in the body can lead to weight loss, which is why burning more calories is essential. Cardio can help you get there. These exercises control your metabolism and spur it for significant impacts. And if you want cardio to work effectively for weight loss, then you should also consider a diet chart.

1. It Helps Burn More Calories

Boosting your heart rate through cardio means that the heart will have to pump more blood. This requires the burning of calories. The more intense the cardio becomes, the more calories you shed. For example, brisk walking for 30 minutes for a 150 lb guy can burn 150 calories.

2. It Improves the Metabolism

A slight change in the intensity can deliver unprecedented results. If you run faster, climb hills, or jump faster, then it will accelerate your metabolism. Doing any activity or exercises with increased resistance need more energy that the body receives from burning fat, the reason behind rising metabolism.

3. It’s Better than Strength Training

Strength training puts pressure on muscles from which muscles need time to recover by relaxing. But cardio can be done often, almost every day. It does not strain your muscles and chances of getting injured are very less.

What Are the Various Types of Cardio Activities That Help in Weight Loss?

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Cardio can do wonders if you practice on a regular basis. There are some exercises that are better than the rest. But activities can work more efficiently as they can be a part of the regular routine. Include a few like walking, jogging, and swimming as a starter.

1. Whole Body Activities

Exercises that involve both the upper and lower part of the body can have a comprehensive impact on your well-being. These activities can help you burn more calories by propelling the heartbeat rate.

2. High-impact Activities

Activities like jumping or running can have more impact than walking. These high-impact exercises increase the heart rate and the metabolism rate considerably and influence calorie burning capacities more than impact activities.

Effective Cardio Weight Loss Exercises to Try

There are several exercises that can impact the body by boosting blood circulation. You don’t have to go to a gym to do these exercises. Some of these exercises can be performed at home. So, find some time and start.

1. Walking

The simplest way to burn calories and lose weight is by walking. Walking is low-impact cardio which anyone can do. A moderate pace can work well to maintain a better weight-height ratio for you.

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2.. Kettle bells

A kettle bell is a cannonball-shaped weight using which you can integrate strength to your cardio. It is one of the intense workouts for weight loss which can burn up to 20 calories per minute.


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Cardio for Weight Loss Easy Exercises to Burn Fat

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