.How to Choose a Weight Loss Buddy

How to Choose a Weight Loss Buddy



A weight loss buddy can help you stay on track with weight loss goals. They are also someone to lean on emotionally during weight loss struggles. To find a buddy, identify the qualities you’re looking for. You want someone who’s supportive without being overly competitive. You can meet a weight loss buddy various places. Search for a buddy online, or at a local class. Establish goals and boundaries with your buddy so you can help one another lose weight effectively.



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Reach out to someone with similar goals. In general, it’s best to have a weight loss buddy with similar goals to your own. This way, both of you will be working at the same pace throughout your weight loss journey. Make sure you know your specific goals so you can find a buddy to match you.

Think about how much weight you want to lose. You want someone in that general range as well.Consider your ideal rate of weight loss. For the most part, it’s healthy to lose 1 to 2 pounds (0.5-0.9 kg) a week. Find someone aiming for a healthy weight loss range.



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Pick someone who’s consistently available. Compare schedules with a potential weight loss buddy. You want someone who is consistently available and has a schedule similar to yours. This way, they’ll be able to do things like go to the gym and provide emotional support regularly.

Look at your own schedule. Think about when you work, go to the gym, and do meal prep. Find someone with a similar routine.You do not need to find someone who’s on the exact same schedule as you. However, someone whose routine is structured similarly to yours can help.


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Look for someone encouraging. A weight loss buddy should be your cheerleader rather than your trainer. You want someone who is positive and encouraging rather than someone who will be strict and domineering. Seek out people who give off a friendly vibe, are excited at the prospect of helping you lose weight, and are looking for the same kind of support from you. Pick a buddy you feel you can support and encourage, as well.

If you’re choosing a weight loss buddy in your friends’ group, assess your friends honestly. Which friends are the most open, friendly, and encouraging? Which friends tend to be a bit aloof or critical?

It’s important that the supportive and positive attitude goes both ways—you and your friend will need to be mutually encouraging of each other’s goals.


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Avoid overly competitive people. A little competition can be a motivational factor. However, weight loss should not be primarily about competing with someone. Look for someone who is motivated, but is not focused on winning. For example, do not opt to pair up with the person at the gym who’s constantly comparing their skills to other people’s. Instead, go for the person who’s there to meet their own personal goals each day


Seek out someone who’s open to new things. A weight loss buddy should push you out of your comfort zone a little. In order to lose weight, you often need to try different approaches to changing your diet or new types of physical activity. Seek out a weight loss buddy who’s willing to make changes to their lifestyle. This will encourage you to do.


How to Choose a Weight Loss Buddy





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