25 Best Exercises To Lose Tummy/Belly Fat Quickly at Home

25 Best Exercises To Lose Tummy/Belly Fat Quickly at Home


Reducing your tummy is probably the biggest challenge you shall ever face. And how to reduce belly fat by exercises? Even those who have lost weight complain about their stubborn belly fat which just does not seem to go. To get a flat and attractive looking stomach, you need to follow a particular diet chart and do certain kinds of exercises to reduce belly fat every day. By exercising, we don’t mean just stomach exercises but also others. This includes aerobics, Pilates, dance, cardio and Zomba. Even though your tummy might be the most touch place to lose weight from, you should never give up. Trying is the first step to becoming successful. If you are sure you want to reduce your tummy, then you should read this article that will act as a perfect guide.

Exercises to reduce belly fat is a very important part of losing weight as it helps you to build up on your abs if you are inclined in body building or otherwise will make you feel healthy and fit.

Belly fat is only a hindrance to your lifestyle and needs to be cut down immediately. There are several ways that you can gain belly fat which may include undocumented eating, stressful lifestyle and even excessive drinking of alcohol which must be curbed at the bud if you want to help yourself live a healthy lifestyle. You should do a little research online first if you want to know more about losing some belly fat but one of the best parts about this article is that it is going to give you some of the best ways that you can reduce belly at home with some of the easiest yet most effective exercises.

Belly Fat Loss Exercises For Men And Women:

Following are the best and most effective exercises to reduce belly fat which are tremendous works on your stomach, pick any one of them and get rid of your belly fat.

  • Begin a simple crunch exercise by lying flat on the ground with your knees bent and feet on the ground or
  •  You could also simply lift your legs off the ground making a right angle with your legs.
  •  The next step is to keep your hands either behind your head or cross them on your chest.
  •  Inhale and exhale as go bring your torso on and off the floor.
  •  This exercise is really good for your abdominal muscles and you could start by doing this simple crunch ten times as a beginner.

  •  You could then move on to trying Twist Crunches where you lift your right shoulder towards the left, at the same time keeping your body on the ground.
  •  Once you are used to twist crunches, you could add on side crunch- that is to move your legs along with your shoulders from right to left.
  •  Side crunches help you work on the side muscles.
  •  Repeat the simple crunch, the twisted crunch and the side crunch ten times.
  •  Once you have mastered the moves you should move on to Reverse crunch that is to move your legs behind along with your shoulder moves.
  •  Let’s now move on to Vertical Crunch.
  •  Begin with a simple crunch and cross your knees while your legs are still up.
  •  Now just inhale and exhale like you would do in a simple crunch moving your upper body from the floor to the pelvis.
  •  Now that you have learnt all the crunch moves it is best to practice three sets at one go and keep your tummy in shape.
25 Best Exercises To Lose Tummy/Belly Fat Quickly at Home

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